Private dance lessons include individual instruction with a professional dance instructor. Private lessons can be in whichever dance you would like to learn, and consists of the instructor teaching you proper dance steps, techniques, theories, musicality, etc. Private lessons may be taken individually or as a couple. When taking a private lesson, you need to consider that it can be very intensive. Unlike the group classes, the private lesson focuses completely on you and therefore you may have to work harder than usual. Though occasionally frustrating, it is incredibly rewarding, and is the best way to improve quickly.

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What to Expect From Private Dance Lessons

new years eve ballroom professional danceInitial private dance lessons begin with an evaluation in which the instructor discusses your goals and observes your execution of various dance steps. Afterward, the instructor will suggest a curriculum of private instruction to best foster dedication, discipline, and uniformity in your dancing. Because the instructor is not focused on teaching a group of dancers, you may ask questions at any time and the instructor will explain concepts as needed until you understand. Though you have control of what and how you wish to learn,  do remember that the instructor has quite a lot of dance experience and will always do their best to lead you to your personal goals.

Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are meant to help you learn dance to your best and highest potential. One-on-one communication with an instructor provides you with an environment best suited to learning details of technique, body control, and partnering.  The very best part is that whether you’re looking to achieve a high competition level, or merely a competence in social dancing, private instruction will allow you a custom fit for your dance needs.


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