All group classes are $10 per person unless otherwise specified and drop-ins are welcome.

Hip Hop Choreography

Benefits of Group Dance Classes

IMG_3738Group dance classes provide many benefits to those that are new to dancing and those that are experienced. Knowing how to make the best use of group classes is a great asset in progressing toward a higher dance goal.
Although group dance classes may seem intimidating to the new dancer, keep in mind that everyone present in a group class pursues a similar goal: to learn to dance. Group dance classes are an opportunity for the new dancer to expand fundamental knowledge, meet other dancers, and bolster self-confidence by practicing in the presence of fellow dancers. They provide the more subtle opportunity for experienced dancers to hone their skills and practice their technique not only under careful instruction but also with many diverse partners with diverse skill levels, the true test of one’s leading and following capabilities.

What to Expect From Group Dance Classes

Group classes consist of one or two teachers and a group of students. The environment of a group class is relaxed and social, but always respectful of your peers and instructors. Typically, the teachers demonstrate the material to be learned, and proceed to teach the students how to execute that material. Each session will begin simple, exploring fundamentals and technique, and build upon those in subsequent weeks to provide each student with a solid proficiency in that dance.


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