Holly Rhode

Holly RhodeHolly brings not only a great level of expertise as a teacher but a whole lot of fun! She’s a major spark plug in events, parties and group lessons. One on one, she has a great rapport with her students. One of them commented, “She works me hard but that’s good because I want her to. That’s how I learn.”

In 1990 while attending SMSU she discovered somewhat accidentally her love for and ability in dance. Being low on electives, Holly’s counselor advised her to enroll in a dance class. It was a 400 Level Ballet Class that started as Pass/Fail. The instructors saw something in Holly and she confirmed the observation by bringing a grade of 3.2 to a 3.9.  Among her teachers were instructors from the ongoing dance companies of Martha Graham and Ruth St. Denis.

Holly grew up in Nebraska and the Lake of the Ozarks. After graduating SMSU, she was on her way to UCLA to study Pre-Med Dance Therapy but love sidetracked her into staying in the Kansas City area.

In addition to dancing to tunes, she also enjoys spinning them as a DJ, as well as riding motorcycles, tinkering on cars and water fun.

Country singer Eddie Arnold was Holly’s Grandfather. Now her immediate family includes two fur children, black Pomeranians, Chin and Wiggles who picked her. They’re sisters and she had decided to adopt the one that came to her first—they came to her together so she took both of them!