Krista Derington

Kevin MedlinKevin Medlin is a professional hip-hop dancer and choreographer from Kansas City.

At age twelve he started working with a private tutor as a B-boy. Since then he has practiced and trained with some of the most well versed and experienced B-boys in the Nation. Kevin participated in his first battle in 2010 making it all the way to top four in the Breakdance category.

Not just a B-boy, Kevin has since branched out into learning and teaching hip-hop choreography and has become a member of the nationally recognized crew and company called TigerStyle! Crew. He has performed and taught all over the country with TigerStyle! (TSC!) and continues to tour with them currently.

At age 16 Kevin first came to Allegro Ballroom at a swing night and immediately found a new love of dancing and the ballroom world as a whole. Kevin is versed in every street style, most proficiently as a B-boy, has been trained in Ballet, Contemporary, and Modern dance, and has been trained all the way through the bronze category of ballroom dancing.

Kevin’s main goal is to instill the core values of what the Hip-Hop culture is and what it truly means to a new generation of students. He believes the goal of dancing is not just to grow yourself as a dancer but to grow yourself as a person first and foremost.