Marina Savage

Marina SavageAnyone who meets Marina Savage and hears her speak immediately realizes, “she’s not from around here.” Her accent is Ukrainian as Marina was born and raised there. Now she says, “After twelve years in the Kansas City area, it feels like I’m a Midwest native.”

It was during those early childhood years in the Ukraine Marina’s dancing interests began. She has fond memories of choreographing routines she and her cousins performed for family gatherings. Later she was invited to join a Ukrainian folk dancing/singing group she performed and traveled with for ten years.

Marina’s love of ballroom dance began at age 12 and never stopped. It is that unceasing passion and the friendly atmosphere in the ballroom between staff and students sealed the deal.

Even though Marina is so far from her geographic roots she is active in maintaining ties by participating in Ukrainian community gatherings where she provides singing entertainment. Her latest project is Overland Park Ukrainian Parties Meet Up Group organized to popularize Ukrainian culture in Kansas City as well as bring people together for different social events.